Chapter: The Grief Warrior

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Warning: The following article contains acts of self-harm & sexual content. I am not a mental health professional or a doctor – some survivors should do these types of exercises under the supervision of a certified professional.

Writer’s block, to a writer, is the equivalent of sitting a hand-cuffed painter at ...

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I stood in my parents’ kitchen, washing my hands before making something to put in my stomach. Not that I was necessarily hungry, but who doesn’t fix themselves a snack when they go to visit Mom’s house? Even though the overhead lights were off, the whole room was glowing from the small, enchanting Wonderland of Christmas decor: elves, santas, ...

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I just bit the skin around my nail, so far, that I am sore and bleeding, again. My fingertips look like I stuck my hand in a food processor. Every time I have bitten my nails this week, I am reminded of WRAP by Mary Ellen Copeland. I am brought back to the straw that broke the first ...

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