Amanda K. Esposito

I am a trauma warrior, but they call me “The Word Lady”. My entire life has been an endless chain of adverse experiences. In the past, I have sought help through various options – from traditional counseling to intensive inpatient facilities. While many of them left small imprints in my mind and taught me something new about myself; there was never a true solution to mending my inevitably broken soul. As the physically devastating medical conditions continued to restrict my self-worth, I felt the urge to share it all to potentially help someone who might relate to my struggles. So I’ve created my own healing program. Through the path of writing about everything that has ever affected me and forcing myself to my “relive and release” theory.

I have two, beautiful children for whom I live and breathe. I dedicate and owe my life to them; my Sunshine and my Moonlight. In May 2018, I had an attack that prompted doctors to perform a spinal tap. The lumbar puncture revealed that I was mis- and undiagnosed for most of my life, if not, all of it. I survive with – not ‘suffer from’ – Multiple Sclerosis, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Gastroparesis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis, to name a few.

I have always believed I was put on the Earth to help in some way. Hopefully I can be an example of the mantra, “everything happens for a reason”, though many chapters of life have left me wondering, “What lesson could I possibly have needed to learn from this?”

After realizing how much writing a novel on trauma is like peeling back an almost-healed scab until you’re bleeding everywhere, I decided I needed some sort of CBT. With the shrugged shoulders of various types of professionals, I researched workbooks and other self-help content to fix myself, myself. Even for a professional, I’d imagine they would need their own therapist after digesting a session with me.

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